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Because nothing is better than great food... except enjoying it with someone special!


Things You Should Know Before Cooking with Us

  • We're a young couple seeking to create healthier and cheaper alternatives by making the most of our kitchen and cooking capabilities! We always agree that cooking with fresh ingredients beats a frozen diet meal in both health and taste.
  • We're former athletes -- that means a meal for the two of us will probably leave enough for you to have leftovers tomorrow. Who doesn't love leftovers?!
  • We try our best to keep a constant supply of fresh herbs growing. Often those fresh herbs will make it into our recipes, so grow your own, too!!! If you're using dry herbs, consider using about 1/3 of the amount we recommend (or if we say "sprig" or "leaf," consider each of those to be 1/3 tsp.).
  • Our recipes always contain low sodium, low fat and are often the healthier version of what you can get at some popular restaurants or pre-cooked at the grocery store.
  • We always use a little bit too much garlic -- if you don't handle garlic well, hold back! (Or just embrace it).
  • Amanda is a picky eater -- many of our recipes are vegetarian-friendly, and very rarely will red meat make it in to the mix.
  • If all else fails, the only dish you really ever need to know how to make is fresh guacamole and chips! Unfortunately our guacamole recipe is a family secret and cannot be disclosed... or we'd have to kill you...
  • Good food is best enjoyed with good company -- be sure to savor these recipes with someone you love.
  • A great meal comes from loving your time in the kitchen and working with the ingredients that you love